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How to Efficiently Manage Quality Complaints

Feedback from Autoscribe is a comprehensive, fully configurable, out of the box solution for capturing, managing and responding to customer complaints, comments, compliments, requests, feedback and corrective actions. Feedback is suitable for use in a wide variety of industries, local authorities, government departments and other organisations.

With many companies adopting sophisticated total quality management systems and seeking ISO accreditation, the requirement to receive, record, track and respond to customer complaints in an efficient and timely manner is essential.

Feedback is ideally suited for use in both highly regulated and unregulated industries and provides exactly the same user experience no matter how you access the application; rich client on your LAN, thin client on your WAN, or via the Web using your standard browser.

Using Feedback, companies can log customer complaints into a relational database, e.g. Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. The complaint is then immediately available for authorized users to read and respond to, wherever they may be.

Feedback is unique in its market sector as it can be fully and easily configured to precisely meet your business and user requirements, using the powerful suite of configuration tools. All screens and menus may be designed to suit requirements and even the terminology can be easily changed to that relevant to the business. All screen, menu and database items may also be translated into the language of your choice.

The unique OneTime Configuration tools automatically create a unified Customer Feedback Management configuration for both desktop and web use. Once a screen has been built using the unique OneTime Configuration Tools, it is immediately available on your network or via the Web.

Unlike other systems that have bolt on web pages, older legacy code and esoteric, proprietary scripting languages, Feedback is built on Autoscribes Matrix Gemini technology and is developed using pure Microsoft .NET tools.
This new technology allows you to implement exactly the same interface for all users, reducing your deployment, training, validation and maintenance costs.

Feedback allows you to deploy modern software that delivers a sustainable product for the 21st century which is demonstrably:
Better by Design
Faster to Implement
Easier to Use and Support
Designed for Business Changes
As part of the implementation process Autoscribe will configure the system (including all screens, menus and security) according to your requirements. Subsequently, changes can be made by either Autoscribe or a designated user, as business needs change. This ensures that Feedback remains in line with current business needs and customer/user requirements.

Feedback is designed to track and trace the status of a complaint from first notification through to resolution. The software also assists in identifying spurious claims from serial complainers.

Feedback also has the potential to cut fraud, identify acts of extortion and deliberate product contamination, and to highlight production faults that are leading to repeated complaints and refunds.

The system deals with every aspect of customer complaints management. For example, it can be automatically linked to Microsoft Office® to facilitate the production of standard acknowledgement letters and SOPs/OPs and can export data to Microsoft Excel® and other packages, such as image capturing software, which will allow a photograph of the faulty product to be linked to the relevant complaint. Other documents such as certificates, results of complaint investigations etc. may also be captured for future reference.

Where complaints might lead to court action, adverse customer or government department image, the system assists in maintaining the full traceability and auditing of evidence, a factor which may prove vital in establishing and providing a defense.

Examination / task / testing regimes and associated costs can be applied to the sample, product or service that has resulted in a complaint where relevant. The testing regime can be assigned automatically or on an ad hoc basis. Results are easily compared against expected values and specifications. Once completed, these findings can be easily incorporated into reports, including invoices for the customer and the complainer.

All letters, reports, invoices etc. may be automatically printed, emailed or faxed as the status of the complaint changes. Statistical analysis including Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) can be applied to the results of several tests / examinations to identify trends in complaints, or steps that may need to be taken to prevent the recurrence of a specific problem and to improve customer service and happiness and product / service quality.

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Posted on January 16, 2006