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Charm Sciences ATP Swab Tests Uses Recyclable Components

Charm Sciences, Inc. makes it easier for its customers to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions by manufacturing its popular PocketSwab® Plus ATP swabs, commonly used for food safety and infection control programs, using recyclable components.

Recyclable components and codes are being featured on new packaging which starts shipping today. By allowing customers to recycle swab components, Charm helps companies meet their sustainability goals. Charm´s environmentally-friendly swabs leave only residue that is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) on food contact surfaces. Unlike some competitor products which employ a known carcinogen, sodium azide, Charm swabs do not contain any hazardous chemicals.

Additional 'green' benefits of Charm ATP swabs are the facts that Charm PocketSwab Plus and FieldSwab have a shelf-life of one-year at room temperature. Unique among ATP swabs, this feature saves energy and shipping costs compared to other swabs that require refrigerated storage and shipping.

'ATP swab tests are used by food, beverage, medical and many other businesses to measure surface cleanliness and evaluate effectiveness of sanitation programs in real-time. Companies can use hundreds of swabs a month as a part of their HACCP and quality control plans,' said David Legg, Vice President Quality Assurance at Charm Sciences. 'Because Charm PocketSwab Plus, WaterGiene, FieldSwab, AllerGiene®, and WineGiene swabs are made of recyclable components, companies can increase usage to meet growing safety demands while reducing their solid waste footprint,' he added.

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Posted on October 6, 2009