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New HIV-1 Resistance Assays (LiPA) Comparable to Existing Genotype Resistance Tests

Findings from a recent study concluded that the VERSANT® HIV-1 Resistance Assays (LiPA) produced comparable results to DNA sequencing in correlating the number of active drugs with viral load drops. The study results were presented at the XI International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop in Seville, Spain. The VERSANT® HIV-1 Resistance Assays are line probe assays (LiPA).

Developed and manufactured by Innogenetics, the LiPA technology is a multiprobe strip-based detection system for nucleic acids based on the reverse hybridization principle.

These data are important because they demonstrate that a simple, yet highly efficient test can provide comparable results as the earlier, more complicated sequencing assays. These data also suggest that additional DNA sequence information obtained from the sequencing assays may not provide additional clinical benefit, said Philippe Archinard, CEO of Innogenetics.

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Source : Innogenetics N.V. [Belgium]
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Posted on July 10, 2002