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New Celsis CellScan Innovate™ Rapid Microbial Screening for Dairy Industry

Celsis International plc, the world leading rapid microbial testing company whose diagnostic systems detect and measure contamination for the dairy, pharmaceutical, personal care, and beverage industries, have announced the launch of its new CellScan Innovate™ rapid microbial screening system designed specifically for the dairy industry.

The CellScan Innovate luminometer, the corresponding Innovate.im software, and the RapiScreen™ Dairy reagents combine to deliver a rapid microbial screening system for dairies that provides robust functionality, simplicity of operation and sensitivity that is unmatched in the industry.

Celsis' unique Innovate.im software delivers flexible and robust functionality to system administrators, while delivering streamlined and simple operation for the user. Innovate.im is Windows-based and features a unique multi-tasking capability that enables users to prepare one test while another test is running. The software also features a detailed and flexible reporting capability enabling users to create and export reports based on their specific needs.

The CellScan Innovate luminometer features a rugged, durable design engineered with the daily rigors of dairy operations in mind. It features automated microplate loading, a modular design for easy servicing, on-board reagent cooling for increased simplicity of operation, a built-in shaking functionality together with many other features identified as important by Celsis customers.

The highly sensitive RapiScreen™ Dairy reagents utilize Celsis' new quantitative ATP release technology (patent applied) to deliver consistent, reliable results for customers. The RapiScreen™ Dairy kit is the first kit developed specifically for the dairy market by the R&D team headed by Veikko Tarkkanen, since he, and his ConCell team joined forces with Celsis in early 2001. Tarkkanen, a noted chemist, has over 25 years of experience with the dairy testing industry.

The launch of the Innovate system reinforces Celsis' commitment to providing world leading rapid screening systems for testing extended shelf life products in the dairy market. It also reaffirms Celsis' promise to deliver systems that are designed to be easy to use and based on users ever expanding and more sophisticated needs. The CellScan Innovate was evaluated and tested with Celsis' existing customers in both North America and Europe to ensure that it meets the expectations of the marketplace.

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Posted on July 21, 2004