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Celsis Rapid Detection at the 2010 International Dairy Show

Celsis Rapid Detection will introduce several advances in rapid microbial detection for the dairy industry at its booth, #432, during the 2010 International Dairy Show, September 13-15 in Dallas, TX.

'The Celsis iDairy Innovations that we will present at this show are the result of our focus on dairy manufacturers and our commitment to addressing their testing needs directly,' said dairy industry expert and Food & Beverage Market Manager for Celsis Rapid Detection, Scott Scdoris. 'We're excited about how our innovations will help dairy producers reduce their costs by working even faster, safer and smarter.'

In addition to launching new product innovations, Scdoris will also speak as part of a panel discussion at the International Dairy Show. The panel, titled 'Rapid Microbial-Detection Systems' is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14, at 8:00 a.m. in Room C144 of the Dallas Conference Center. It will focus on increased adoption of rapid microbial detection systems by dairy manufacturers across the country and how these systems help save significant amounts of time and money.

Increase Efficiency, Generate Working Capital, Reduce Costs
Dairy manufacturers around the world already enjoy significant savings of time and money with Celsis Rapid Detection-including an average 5-year net present value of $500,000 or more-by shortening their product testing times from 4-7 days to only 24-48 hours allowing for reduced inventories and faster response to contamination when it occurs. The new features and options added to the Celsis Innovate system help manufacturers and packagers operate more efficiently and improve regulatory compliance.

Celsis Innovate systems are used to rapidly and effectively screen a growing variety of UHT, aseptic and ESL dairy, food and beverage products-including syrups, soups and broths, brewed tea, sports and nutritional drinks, pudding, infant formula, condiments and sauces, nut milks and fruit and vegetable juices-helping companies save time and money while releasing safe products to market.

For more information about Celsis iDairy Innovations or Celsis products and services for the dairy and beverage industry, please or call +1 312 476 1282.

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Posted on September 10, 2010