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Celsis System Gains Global Approval from Wyeth Pharmaceutical

Celsis International plc the rapid microbial testing company, have announced that Wyeth Pharmaceuticals has received approval for using the Celsis microbial testing system, for the manufacture and distribution of its products, in additional territories worldwide.

To date, Wyeth has approved the Celsis system as meeting the regulatory requirements in France and the UK. Today's announcement adds further countries in Western Europe, Russia and the Baltic States, Australasia, the Far East, the Middle East and Africa.

The Celsis rapid microbial testing system is designed to provide significant production cost savings to companies which manufacture pharmaceuticals, personal care and household products, dairy and beverage products. The technology enables the obligatory microbial testing requirement of all consumer products to be accelerated from days to hours. This in turn ensures a faster time to market thus resulting in significant savings for Celsis' customers.

Jay LeCoque, Chief Executive, Celsis, commented: 'This acceptance by Wyeth, a major player in the global pharmaceutical industry, recognises our technology is making inroads into industries where top quality products and superior customer service drive the purchasing decision. Furthermore, it demonstrates that through the close working relationships we maintain with our customers, we are able to break down any regulatory barriers to the adoption of our system.' 'Our message remains consistent: Celsis technology delivers manufacturing cost savings. Moreover, all company managers should seek to adopt our system where possible as a way of reducing production costs and logistical inefficiencies.'

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Posted on January 14, 2004