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3M Food Safety Global wins prestigious IAFP Black Pearl Award

The International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) recently selected 3M Food Safety Global as the 2008 recipient of the prestigious Black Pearl Award. This award is nominated annually to one company for its outstanding achievement of corporate excellence in advancing food safety and quality.

According to David Tharp, Executive Director of IAFP, 3M Food Safety has long been an active dedicated member of IAFP. Through IAFP scientific journals and industry events, 3M regularly provides ideas and solutions to the food industry. Commenting on this success he said '3M Food Safety has a history of partnering customers and industry organisations to address issues or problems, and its integrated approach to providing food safety solutions is second to none.'

Karen Mullery, 3M Food Safety's global Business Manager said 'We are honoured to win such a prestigious award and appreciate our efforts being endorsed in this way. 3M Food Safety has partnered with the food industry to maximise food safety and quality worldwide for 24 years and as the food industry faces dynamic challenges, we are committed to responding with truly innovative solutions.'

Having submitted a nomination letter in support of 3M Food Safety, Larry Cohen, North American Senior Food Safety Programme Leader for Kraft Foods had the following to say
'3M Food Safety epitomises the commitment to protecting the food supply that we all strive to attain. Not only has it developed revolutionary technologies, 3M has also contributed to the profession by allowing its people the freedom to work with customers, in long term thinking to improve the quality of the food supply. Kraft Foods has worked with 3M Food Safety for almost 20 years, and in time, we've come to view our relationship as a successful partnership.'

3M Food Safety is a leading manufacturer of proven and reliable testing solutions that cover the spectrum of quality, pathogen, and toxin testing and monitoring in the food safety market. Products include 3M™Petrifilm™ Plates, 3M™ Clean-trace™ ATP Hygiene Monitoring Systems, 3M™ Tecra™ Rapid Pathogen and Toxin Test Kits, as well as sampling, dilution and enrichment products. 3M Food Safety operates in more than 60 countries, working to serve the needs of the food and beverage industry through innovative products and technologies.

To view our full product range visit www.3m.com/microbiology


Petrifilm, Clean-trace and Tecra are trademarks of 3M and Biotrace International, a 3M Company.

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Source : 3M Food Safety [United Kingdom]
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Posted on September 1, 2008