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ATP Data is an Important Audit Tool. Do You Follow the Trend?

Data trending of adenosine triphosphate ("ATP") hygiene monitoring results is not a new phenomenon and the benefits to a business can prove invaluable, so why are some food processors in the UK still not taking advantage of the data at their fingertips?

Regular analysis of ATP hygiene monitoring results enables food processors to monitor the hygiene status of their operations at all times by providing information on performance over time. It helps to identify problem areas, measures the effectiveness of remedial action and allows managers to keep a close eye on the standards of cleaning by all operatives. Data trending is an important audit tool, helping to meet the audit requirements that a customer may demand.

Biotrack+, from Biotrace International, a 3M company, is an advanced data trending software designed for trending ATP hygiene results. The software allows companies to easily analyse their results and produce basic reports such as the hygiene status of a production line over time, or more sophisticated analysis such as the ranking of which Critical Control Points (CCPs) fail most often. Powerful data filtering allows detailed analysis of specific aspects of the data which can then be turned into management reports.

By using data trending software such as Biotrack+, food processors can obtain even more value from their investment in ATP technology. Colin Hunt, Global Market Development Manager (ATP) at Biotrace International explains "Companies using ATP for cleaning verification realise the benefits that real time results bring to them, yet not all companies go on to analyse their data. These companies are missing out on valuable information that would allow them to make more informed decisions on improving hygiene over time and, importantly, this benefit is available to all Biotrace ATP customers at no extra cost to their current ATP spend."

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Source : Biotrace International plc [United Kingdom]
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Posted on March 12, 2007