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Clean-Trace® Shines at Microbial Detection

Clean-Trace®, the leading ATP Surface Hygiene test from Biotrace International has proved to have superior performance in respect to detecting microbes in a recent Independent Study carried out by Cara Technology Limited.

The ability to reliably detect microbes as well as food residues is a vital aspect of hygiene testing as ultimately microbial cross contamination due to ineffective cleaning is the key risk that hygiene programmes are established to avoid. Microbial cross contamination can lead to product spoilage or reduced shelflife. In the case of pathogenic organisms the consequences could be more severe.

Clean-Trace allows food and beverage manufacturers to objectively assess the cleanliness of a surface in seconds to allow positive release of production facilities. In the study, which looked at the detection of a range of microbes and food residues over various dilutions, Clean-Trace showed itself to detect contamination in more than twice as many samples as the competing product.

Commenting on the news Colin Hunt, International Product Manager at Biotrace International said, "We are always encouraged when our continuing focus on ensuring very high technical performance from the Clean-Trace® test is shown to really make a difference to the quality of the results. This study proves that not all ATP hygiene tests are the same. Our customers across the world rely on Clean-Trace as a central part of their hygiene programmes and these results show they can have every confidence in its ability to deliver reliable results time after time."

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Source : Biotrace International plc [United Kingdom]
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Posted on November 9, 2006