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Rapid Microbiological Assessment of UHT and ESL Products

Cogent Microbial Luminescence System

The new superior Cogent Microbial Luminescence System (MLSII) from Biotrace International provides a rapid alternative to traditional microbiological assessment of Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) products in the dairy industry.

Using ATP bioluminescence technology, the Cogent MLSII allows you to release product over 48 hours sooner than traditional methods, thereby reducing inventory and holding requirements, and in-turn improving cash flow whilst still meeting the demands of your QA programme.

Following sample incubation and a short 27 minute assay time, the Cogent MLSII delivers highly visual on-screen results as they are generated, with no need to wait for all 96-microwell plate results to complete. Combined with Biotrace International's sophisticated reporting software, Biotrack® MLS, the system provides you with valuable information through summaries and detailed reports, allowing overall quality performance to be tracked over time.

The precision, sensitivity, flexibility and reliability of the Cogent MLSII makes it ideally suited as a high throughput microbial detection system for end product screening in the dairy industry, as well as other industries producing sterile products.

As with all products from Biotrace International, an unrivalled level of service and support is provided to customers to ensure the Cogent MLSII system remains integral to their company's QA programme.

Biotrace International offers complete food safety solutions for checking the safety and quality of food production processes; these include rapid pathogen, toxin and allergen kits, products for environmental and carcass sampling, dilution and enrichment and ATP testing that gives a “real time” assessment of plant sanitation.

For more information about the new Cogent MLSII and the full range of Biotrace International microbiology products, please use the email address at the top of this page or visit the Biotrace website.

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Posted on May 8, 2006