New w zip pouches for oxoid compact atmosphere generation kits

New W-Zip Pouches from Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific Limited has introduced new pouches with an integral seal to their range of compact atmosphere generation systems (AGS). The range provides a selection of simple and convenient kits for the rapid and safe generation of optimal environments in a convenient pouch format.

Photo: New W-Zip Pouches from Thermo Scientific ensure a gas-tight seal when used with Thermo Scientific's Compact Atmosphere Generation Products.

The new pouches are extremely easy to use, utilising a patented W-zip seal design. To close, the user simply pinches the seal together at one end and squeezes all the way across. The patented design ensures a gas-tight seal, so that the atmosphere remains constant in the pouch during incubation.

Thermo Scientific Compact AGS products are available for the production of anaerobic, microaerophilic and carbon-dioxide enriched atmospheres. The robust plastic pouches are designed for the incubation of a small number of plates and since they are transparent, allow growth to be observed at any time without
disturbing the atmosphere within the pouch - ideal for slower growing colonies.

Standard Thermo Scientific AGS products (AnaeroGen, CampyGen and CO2Gen) and Thermo Scientific AnaeroJar are also available for the incubation of larger numbers of plates. All Thermo Scientific AGS products react on contact with air, without the need for a catalyst or activating solution and swiftly produce ideal conditions for
growth, without the generation of hydrogen and without dangerous build-up of pressure.

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Posted on April 7, 2004