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Automated Sample Preparation and PCR Setup for Food Pathogens

BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH Potsdam, Germany and Xiril AG Hombrechtikon, Switzerland have formed a new OEM partnership in July 2010: based on Xiril´s Robotic Workstations BIOTECON Diagnostics will worldwide exclusively distribute their own automation solution labelled 'foodproof® RoboPrep+ powered by Xiril' together with BIOTECON Diagnostics´ foodproof® Magnetic Preparation Kit I and real-time PCR based detection kits for the food market, e.g. for Salmonella detection.

After an intensive validation program performed at BIOTECON Diagnostics laboratories, the foodproof® RoboPrep+ Series is now commercially available to the worldwide food market. This is the first validated automated solution for PCR-based microbial testing specifically designed for the food market.

Xiril and BIOTECON Diagnostics share many synergies and both companies look forward to introducing these affordable and innovative automated liquid-handling technologies. 'This cooperation is an important step for us in the global expansion of our markets, in which automation and standardization of processes has become increasingly important,' says Kornelia Berghof-Jager, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BIOTECON Diagnostics.

'The strength of our automated magnetic preparation technology lies in focused product development based on clients´ needs of highest purity and robustness combined with the speed and convenience of full automation, which is now realized in the combination with Xiril´s flexible liquid handling instrumentation,' emphasizes Alois Schneiderbauer, Chief Business Officer (CBO) of BIOTECON Diagnostics.

'For us the new application in the food testing market is a perfect addition to our existing range of proven OEM solutions. It demonstrates the advantages of the open and modular design of our liquid handling workstation,' comments Dr. Jürgen Lindemeier, CEO of Xiril AG.

BIOTECON Diagnostics developed the foodproof® RoboPrep+ Series to meet the need of a leading international confectionary manufacturer, who has now introduced the system into several of its factories for automated Salmonella testing. Multiple food matrices have been tested, making the system very useful for any kind of food industry with pathogen testing needs at medium to high throughput.

A stepwise introduction of the technology for other parameters, such as E.coli or Listeria, is in development.

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Posted on July 19, 2010