Food safety testing with food microbiology controls from NSI by Zeptometrix

Rapid Detection of Food Pathogens

Lateral Flow

Singlepath Campylobacter
Singlepath® - Duopath®
  • Rapid - 20 minutes to result
  • Easy to use - just add 160µL of pre-enriched sample
  • Results - check for colour change
  • Controls - each test has an integral control
  • Flexible - no automation required
Combine lateral flow technology with our specially adapted enrichment media and you benefit from our many years experience with classical enrichment media.
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Campylobacter E. coli O157 Listeria Salmonella verotxins
Campylobacter E. coli O157 Listeria Salmonella verotoxins

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Posted on January 28, 2003