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Fast, Economic and Environmentally-Friendly Solution for Refilling Storage Racks

Tube refill packs from Micronic Europe provide you with a fast, easy-to-use and economic solution to refill your storage racks with 2D coded, alphanumeric or plain storage tubes. Micronic tube refills are also environmentally friendly - customers can simply refill their current storage rack thereby reducing their non-renewable plastic waste. To use simply place the refill pack containing 96 new tubes in one of your storage racks and push the refill carrier down. The tubes can then be retrieved as normal.

Available in a range of tube volumes (0.75ml and 1.40ml) - tube refills are available for the complete range of Micronic storage racks: Loborack-96, Comorack-96 and Roborack-96. Micronic tube refill packs are also available for use with other brands of storage racks.

Manufactured from highest medical grade polypropylene in a fully automated class 7 cleanroom environment ensures Micronic tube refill packs exhibit absolute product consistency, near zero contaminants and compliance with US and European Pharmacopoeia tests. Micronic refill tubes resist many organic solvents (DMSO, methanol, dichloromethane), may be autoclaved clean and can be repeatedly freeze-thawed without loss of product performance.

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Posted on July 22, 2011