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Automated Handling of Screw Top Storage Tubes

Micronic BV has introduced a new automated instrument that accelerates the time consuming and tedious process of applying or removing screw top caps from sample storage tubes.

Easy to install and operate the Automatic Screw Cap Handler automatically applies or removes the screw caps from a full 96-tube rack in less than 15 seconds. In addition to delivering significant productivity gains the Automatic Screw Cap Handler lowers the risk of sample contamination and eliminates the chance of repetitive strain injury inherent with manually applying / removing large numbers of screw top caps. To ensure optimal seal quality on samples the Automatic Screw Cap Handler simultaneously processes all 96 tubes in a rack with each cap receiving the same torque.

Designed for stand-alone use the user friendly Automatic Screw Cap Handler requires just a mains power source for operation and fits neatly on a laboratory bench or inside an environmental control cabinet. Built for versatility the instrument is compatible with the complete Micronic range of screw cap tubes (0.5ml, 0.75ml, 1.1ml and 1.4ml) and tube racks.

Dedicated to the design and production of innovative sample storage tubes, accessories and instruments over the last 25 years, Micronic is uniquely able to offer laboratories the expert advice to help them safeguard one of its most valuable assets - its samples.

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Posted on May 27, 2008