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Gen III Microbial ID System Identifies Over 2,500 Species of Bacteria and Fungi

Biolog's Microbial Identification panels are the easiest to use and the most powerful. For aerobic bacteria, Gram-negative and Gram-positive strains are identified on the same panel, so preliminary characterization is no longer needed - not even a Gram-stain. Biolog's extensive database covers human pathogens, animal pathogens, plant pathogens and environmental species.

System Benefits

  • No Gram-Stain

  • One test panel IDs both GN and GP bacteria

  • Set-up time in under a minute

  • Accurate results in as little as 2 hours

  • Powerful RetroSpect software for trending & tracking

  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant

Biolog systems are exceptionally flexible providing Microbial ID solutions with fully and semi-automated to manually read systems.

Latest Species Database Available Now.
Click here to check Microbial ID database for your bug.

The following link provides more information on how Biolog Microbial ID systems can benefit your research.

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Posted on December 1, 2010