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MicroVal Certification of 56 hour Test Method for Yeast & Mold Counts

The SimPlate® Yeast & Mold Color Indicator (YM-CI) from BioControl Systems, Inc., has been granted MicroVal Certificate 2009LR25.

SimPlate YM-CI is a rapid method for quantifying yeast and mold counts from food samples in only 56 hours. Developed to overcome the limitations of other counting procedures such as agar plates and film methods, SimPlate consists of proprietary formulations of pre-measured media and a patented plating device.

SimPlate uses patented Binary Detection Technology™ which produces an easily interpreted color change. The isolation wells on the SimPlate device are used to confine theses color reactions, allowing technicians to simply count the number of positive wells to determine the yeast and mold count of a sample. 'Other common agar and film plating methods require multiple plates and can be difficult to count due to spreading mold colonies overgrowing the plate' remarked Tara Staten, BioControl Product Manager, 'SimPlate's unique isolation wells prevent spreading molds ensuring accurate counts and the expanded counting range of up to 738 cfu's eliminates the need for multiple dilutions.'

Rapid methods such as SimPlate can offer dramatic financial benefits to food processors, allowing them to release product days earlier than with conventional methods. The reference culture method for yeast and mold counts provides results in 5 days while SimPlate results are available in just 56 hours.

SimPlate YM-CI has also been approved as AOAC Official Method of Analysis 2002.11 and is one of several products in the SimPlate product line which includes SimPlate Total Plate Count Color Indicator (MicroVal Certificate No. 2009LR26 / AOAC Official Method 2002.07), SimPlate Coliform/E. coli Color Indicator (AOAC Official Method 2005.03), SimPlate Enterobacteriaceae and SimPlate Campylobacter.

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Posted on September 24, 2010