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New High Throughput Walk-away Microplate Processor

BioControl Systems, Inc have introduced a new microplate processor that will reduce labor costs and improve laboratory operational efficiencies. This walk-away system employs intelligent resource management to optimize Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) protocols including sample dispensing, dilution, reagent dispensing, incubating, washing, reading, data analysis and reporting.

The Gemini features:
  • Continuous loading capability: eliminates the need to wait for the completion of an assay before beginning analysis of a new set of samples, providing maximum flexibility and efficiency to accommodate all workflows.

  • High throughput: processes up to 288 samples and controls.

  • Bi-directional LIMS connectivity: streamlines data input and results reporting with easy integration with the existing Laboratory Information Management System.
The Gemini is pre-programmed for use with BioControl's TRANSIA PLATE & Assurance EIA assays for Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli O157:H7. Its open platform also allows the creation of a program for other microplate methods with the simple graphical assay protocol editor.

To find out how the Gemini can help improve your laboratory work flow and reduce your labor costs contact BioControl Systems click on the More Information button below.

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Posted on June 8, 2010

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