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New Liquid Crystal-based Technology Detects Multiple Food Pathogens

The Crystal Diagnostics MultiPath System™ uses liquid crystals to detect multiple pathogens in food in a single test, offering significant time savings over the most common testing methods.

Crystal Diagnostics technology includes two pieces of equipment. The first is a 'cassette' containing five individual 'cells,' two of which are control cells and three are test cells.

A prepared (enriched) sample — from ground beef or lettuce, for example — is mixed with liquid crystals and an antibody or antibody 'cocktail' for the pathogen or pathogens being sought. The second piece is a 'reader.' The cassette is inserted into the reader. If the pathogen or pathogens being sought are present, the liquid crystal — aligned in the reader — will be disrupted. This disruption will be recognized by the reader and the result is displayed on an iPad or other device in less than 30 minutes.

In addition to its speed, Crystal Diagnostics' technology offers other significant advantages:
A single test can detect multiple pathogens. For example, E. coli O157:H7, plus the other often called 'Big Six' E. coli strains and the strain that appeared in Germany in early 2011. This capability is particularly relevant because the Food Safety and Inspection Service has announced that it will require testing for E. coli strains other than O157:H7 beginning next year in beef trim used in ground beef.

In addition to these strains of E. coli, by utilizing the three cells in the cassette independently, the test can detect Salmonella, and another pathogen, such as Listeria, in the same test.

The nature of the technology very significantly reduces false positives and negatives even before the built-in protection of the two control cells is considered.

This fall, the equipment will be further beta-tested in the field with leading food processing companies and laboratories.

View the YouTube video to find out more about this technology.

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Posted on November 1, 2011