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Free Trial Offer: ampliPHOX Colorimetric Detection Technology for Low-Density Microarrays

InDevR, a developer of advanced life science products, is seeking scientists interested in participating in extensive beta site testing of its ampliPHOX Colorimetric Detection Technology for low density microarrays. Based on the overwhelming success of initial beta site testing, InDevR plans to significantly expand testing by offering a free trial kit (instrument and reagents) to scientists currently working with low density microarrays or assays that utilize biotinylated targets immobilized on transparent substrates.

InDevR's ampliPHOX detection technology is an innovative new colorimetric detection method based on light-initiated signal amplification through polymerization. The field portable and inexpensive ampliPHOX Reader both initiates the signal amplification process and collects a digital image of the result. In addition, the ampliVIEW software is capable of automatic image interpretation, providing the user with immediate results. The ampliPHOX technology is a rapid and inexpensive alternative to traditional fluorescence-based microarray detection methodologies.

'Early feedback from collaborators that have tried ampliPHOX has been enthusiastic -- they love the simplicity, sensitivity, and affordability of the system. We want to solicit broad-based feedback from the community by placing 50 trial kits with scientists looking for alternatives to more expensive or complicated detection technologies,' said Dr. Kathy Rowlen, CEO of InDevR.

Research and development of the ampliPHOX system was sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health, and early commercialization efforts have been supported by a Bioscience Discovery Evaluation Grant from the State of Colorado.

InDevR is a privately held company that develops advanced life science instrumentation and assays for analysis of viruses and other microorganisms. InDevR intends to revolutionize microbiological analysis with affordable, easy-to-use instrumentation and assays that deliver reliable results in less time than required for traditional methods. Designed for application in fields ranging from vaccine development to surveillance of pathogens, InDevR's products streamline microbiological analysis.

Scientists interested in evaluating ampliPHOX detection should register for a free trial on the InDevR website at

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Posted on November 12, 2010