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New LIMS Software Module Automatically Controls Consumable Stock

The ability to automatically control stocks of consumables whilst processing samples can be a major time saver for busy laboratory managers, which is why Two Fold Software Limited is adding a Consumable Stock Control software module to its Version 1.1 release of the company's ground-breaking Qualoupe LIMS software.

The simple to use Consumable Stock Control LIMS software has been specifically developed by Two Fold Software's team of skilled programmers to ensure that laboratory users do not require any additional effort to keep control of their constantly changing stocks of consumables. The software has been tailored to enable users to avoid the stress associated with discovering they do not have a suitable consumable when processing a vital sample.

'Many test methods and analysis procedures performed on samples in a laboratory depend on the use of consumables to complete the task. For example, even a simple microbiology test often requires consumable items or materials such as a petri dish, a quantity of culture medium such as agar plus the necessary reagents,' explained Clive Collier, Two Fold Software's Managing Director. Using Qualoupe's new Consumable Stock Control LIMS software all the consumables used within the laboratory can be defined and a record created for each associated consumable. The record contains all the consumable's details such as name, code, supplier, cost, shelf life and such like'.

'The Consumable Stock Control LIMS software has been skillfully optimized to make maximum use of Qualoupe's intuitive user interface. The superb interface works hand in hand with the software making it simple for a user to associate any consumables that they are using when performing a specific test method and automatically record how much is consumed when using that method. As a result when a sample is processed using a specific test method the LIMS can automatically deduct from stock the amount of each consumable used. We have turned what is a potentially complex task into an elegant solution that is easy to understand and manage.'

The Consumable Stock Control software is one of a trio of new modules now available as part of Qualoupe's new Version 1.1 LIMS software release. The other modules provide enhanced solutions for managing Stability Trials as well as providing a Multi-Group capability that offers complete data management flexibility for organizations and companies that not only have multiple sites but also include multiple laboratories within each site.

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Posted on January 31, 2012