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LIMS - Innovative Results Entry Solution

Two Fold Software Limited is releasing new user-friendly software that enables the company's intuitive Qualoupe LIMS user interface to display results parameters with a clarity and flexibility not available in other commercial LIMS.

Qualoupe has been designed to provide LIMS users with greater flexibility when entering test sample results. Results entry in most commercial LIMS is designed to allow input of basic types of results such as numeric value, calculated value and text but does not take into account other types of data that could be recorded as valid results.

Qualoupe enables the following types of results parameters to be used to record test sample data:
  • Numeric
  • Free Text
  • Calculated Value
  • Date
  • Colour
  • Time
  • Upload File
  • Date and Time
  • Pick List

  • 'Many laboratories need to record data that relates to quality procedures for the processing of certain sample types or describes how analyses should be performed,' explained Paul Bateman, Two Fold Software's Business Development Manager. 'In many cases this information is not recorded at all or is only recorded in the sample header data which is not really the appropriate place when the data relates to results.'

    'Being able to use a greater variety of types of results parameters will enable LIMS users to define the type of data that they need to be recorded. In many regulated environments, where procedures have to be followed when performing an analysis, the work flow demanded by the standard operating procedure can be duplicated by using the results entry screen,' continued Bateman. 'In many cases, if the documentation has not been received then no further analysis can be performed until the lack of documentation has been rectified. Other laboratories may work with paper forms which they use to record the procedural checks and the actual results. Qualoupe's interface flexibility enables these forms to be easily replicated in a convenient and versatile media form. For those wishing to maintain a familiar look and feel to their results reporting, Qualoupe allows final reports to be easily produced to look like the original forms, if required'.

    The easy-to-use Qualoupe LIMS solution was developed to offer major productivity gains, improved quality management and reporting flexibility while greatly simplifying LIMS use and very significantly lowering running costs.

    The Qualoupe LIMS features an intuitive, configurable user interface designed to enhance the user experience, revolutionise work flow and remove the complexity of running a LIMS.

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    Posted on January 21, 2011