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New Rental Option for Innovative LIMS Solution

To remove the barrier of the high cost associated with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) applications London-based start-up company, Two Fold Software Limited, is now offering a 'rental payment option' for the company's new, easy-to-use Qualoupe LIMS solution that offers major productivity gains, improved quality management and reporting flexibility.

Representing a new breed of LIMS, the Qualoupe system is a powerful, versatile laboratory tool that features an intuitive, configurable user interface which greatly simplifies LIMS use and revolutionises work flow while very significantly lowering running costs.

The new 'rental payment option', which has been created to deliver affordable LIMS software to companies of all sizes, has been introduced to enable organisations to derive all the innovative benefits of Qualoupe's software solutions while only having to pay a low monthly fee.

There are a number significant business benefits for Qualoupe customers adopting the new rental option. These include:

  • No fixed term contract is required to use the Qualoupe LIMS so an onerous financial risk to a customer's business is eliminated. Customers wishing to stop using the software merely have to stop making the monthly payments. There is no exit fee.

  • No large capital outlay (CAPEX) is called for which means a Qualoupe customer is able to retain working capital in their business for investment in other areas.

  • Rental payments are made from revenue and in many countries rental payments can be offset against corporation tax, which is highly tax efficient and further reduces the effective cost of using Qualoupe.

  • Software upgrades are included as part of the monthly rental payment which reduces ongoing costs and enables the LIMS software to be kept up to date.

  • Very fast return on investment (ROI) is achieved by the productivity gains and quality improvements in the laboratory that Qualoupe LIMS delivers.

  • Managed cash flow is key factor because rental offers a known outgoing which allows cash flow to be predictable and easier to manage.
Qualoupe delivers the information the user really needs while distancing them from having to understand or see the underlying LIMS data structures. The easy to install LIMS is 'Quick to Go Live' which saves both time and money and minimises installation disruption.

The Web-based Qualoupe user customisable interface is principally icon-driven and features uncluttered screens using a Just Enough Information Model (JEIM) that requires minimal mouse clicks to operate.

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Posted on August 31, 2010