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ATP/AMP Measurement with New Lumitester PD-20!

Lumitester PD-20
The Lumitester PD-20 (manufactured by Kikkoman, Japan) is now available from R-Biopharm.

With this mobile device up to 2000 measurements for hygiene control can be taken, stored and transferred to any PC-system. With a table calculation program (e.g. Microsoft Excel) data can be further processed to produce customised reports.

Hygiene monitoring measurements are performed with the ATP/AMP tubes LuciPac Pen which is exclusively designed for the use with the Lumitester PD-20. Using an integrated swab, surface testing can be performed easily. Replacing the swab deep into the tube again, causes the reaction fluid to be released and run into the reaction chamber of the tube.
Shaking the tube mixes the reaction fluid and reagent and starts the reaction with any ATP/AMP residues present in the swab. The whole Lucipac Pen is then inserted into the Lumitester PD-20 device and the measurement made by pressing the enter button. After ten seconds the result can be read on the display.

The Lumitester PD-20 system is not only measuring the amount of ATP but also the amount of AMP present, due to the integrated AMP-recycling system within the reaction. The more stable AMP allows the user to get a more sensitive measurement especially useful in areas which contain very low amounts of free ATP such as found with highly processed foods.

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Posted on January 28, 2010