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RIDASCREEN® Salmonella
The bacterial genus Salmonella is known as a significant cause of food-borne illness.

It is one of the most important pathogens responsible for food poisoning worldwide.

For this reason effective and reliable methods of analysis are very important for food producers and laboratories to ensure that consumers can trust in the safety of the food.
Principle of the test
RIDASCREEN® Salmonella is an ELISA-based method that has been approved by the European validation organisation AFNOR according to the EN/ISO 16140 standard. It allows detection of Salmonella spp. in less than 23 hours.

Pre-enrichment and detection procedures are easy to handle and the test methodology fits well in any laboratory schedule. It is a very robust and flexible test which is able to detect both motile and non-motile Salmonella (including S. pullorum and S. gallinarum). It is also suited to automated processing of samples with all known ELISA-automatic instruments. The ChemWell® 2910 Automated EIA Analyser (Awareness Technology, Inc., USA) is especially recommended, and this analyser is also available from R-Biopharm.

Easy to use test procedure:
After an overnight enrichment in buffered peptone water for at least 16 hours, the enrichment broth is transferred directly to the RIDASCREEN® Salmonella microplate. Highly specific, purified antibodies in the wells enable selective capture of any Salmonella present in the sample. After capture the target cells are incubated for 4 to 5.5 hours in a special broth directly in the well.

The test is complete when the specific substrate converts the colour of the microwell contents to blue. Results can be directly read visually or with a microplate reader after the addition of stop solution which ends the reaction and changes the colour from blue to yellow.

Reliable and cost-effective screening
Using the RIDASCREEN® Salmonella as a screening test allows the release of negative samples after just one day.

Only positive results need to be confirmed. Depending on the confirmation method (classical or other approved alternatives) the screen can additionally save up to two days while waiting for suspicious bacteria to grow. This saves time and material and reduces costs for the laboratory. Laboratory technicians can use the time saved to work more effectively on other tests.

The flexibility of the RIDASCREEN® Salmonella kit to read results either visually; with a microplate reader or with a fully automated working station, makes it suitable for all food producers even if there is only a limited laboratory space available.

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Posted on February 5, 2009