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Monoclonal Norovirus 3rd Generation ELISA Gives Reliable Diagnosis

The third generation of RIDASCREEN® Norovirus with its monoclonal basis is a further step towards the reliable diagnosis of noroviruses.

The new mixture of anti-norovirus monoclonal antibodies enables the highly specific and very sensitive detection of an abundance of different noroviruses from both genogroups (GG I / GG II) that are pathogenic for humans.

Not only does the new test version offer improved conformity due to its monoclonal basis, it also includes the new technique of two conjugates and is run using the same sample diluent as that of most other RIDASCREEN® stool ELISAs.

The 3rd generation ELISA showed an overall sensitivity of 83 % and specificity of 100 % in comparison to RT-PCR using 183 frozen stool samples from the winter seasons 2004/5 and 2006/7.

The new RIDASCREEN® Norovirus test is available to order under the same number as before (C 1401).

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Posted on August 20, 2007