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BioCision's Innovative CoolProduct Range Now Available from SANYO

BioCision, LLC have signed a product distribution agreement with SANYO E&E Europe BV, SANYO's biomedical division in Europe. SANYO will be marketing the entire CoolProduct portfolio - a modular system of innovative benchtop laboratory tools based on BioCision's patented technology for temperature change and control of benchtop biomedical samples.

All three BioCision product lines will be launched in Europe with SANYO: CoolRack™, highly thermo-adaptive cryo tube, microfuge and PCR sample holders; the CoolBox™, a portable ice-free cooling and freezing sample management product; and CoolCell™, an alcohol-free, no-maintenance device for precise rate-controlled -1ºC/minute cell freezing.

The new European distribution agreement is one of a series of partnership deals for BioCision that expands its presence geographically as well as into new business segments.
Commenting on the latest distribution agreement, Dr Rolf Ehrhardt, BioCision CEO, said: 'This represents a significant additional validation for our products, as SANYO is a premier supplier of cooling/freezing equipment in Europe. SANYO will help us greatly to increase our penetration into European markets, and the new initiative truly underscores the growing need and demand for inexpensive, effective tools for portable sample cooling and freezing.'
BioCision's highly thermo-conductive CoolRack modules enable standardised benchtop sample cooling, freezing, snap freezing, heating and thawing. CoolRacks, along with BioCision's ice-free CoolBox system and CoolCell, bring portability and all-day uniform temperature control to the benchtop.

CoolProducts allow easy handling, organization, protection and standardization of samples, cells, and specimens, with applications in drug discovery, and basic and clinical research. Users benefit from high sample reproducibility and consistency - experiment to experiment, lab to lab and research/clinical site to site.

According to Paul Freeland, SANYO Senior Product Manager, 'We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the best and most efficient tools for optimising their laboratory work. BioCision's products are unique in their ability to manage temperature-sensitive lab samples - whether cooling, freezing, heating or thawing - independent of user or location. We are delighted to offer these high-quality tools to our customers.'

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Posted on November 16, 2010