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Environmentally Friendly Bio-bin also Saves Space and Money

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary's pathology laboratories have switched to using environmentally friendly Bio-bins for the disposal of non-sharp laboratory waste, significantly reducing the amount of plastic they incinerate and saving money.

In addition to complying with the NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy, the move away from traditional 'sweetie jars' has massively reduced the storage space required and saved on transport costs.

Fully tested and UN-3291 approved the lightweight bins are constructed of 96% paper and colour coded in accordance with waste segregation guidelines. The laboratory has adopted the 5 - litre heat treatable 'orange' bin as a direct replacement for the jars, a decision that was made in co-operation with Waste Manager Sue Scholefield.

Sue explained; 'Following an inspection from the Environment Agency we were prompted to look for more ways to reduce our CO2 emissions. Using Bio-bins in the laboratory has already allowed us to significantly reduce the amount of waste that the hospital is incinerating, not only reducing emissions but also saving the associated costs. We now plan to introduce them throughout the hospital.'

Microbiology Laboratory Manager John Hardy is also keen to emphasise the additional benefits in terms of space and direct cost savings for the laboratory; 'The fold flat Bio- bins directly replace the sweetie jars yet a year's supply takes up less space than a single fortnightly shipment of jars, freeing up valuable space for us. Less deliveries also means considerable savings on transport costs, both of the empty jars and the full jars for incineration.'

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Posted on March 15, 2010