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StarLIMS for SAP™ is Now Certified!

L.I.M.S.' StarLIMS for SAP interface has been certified by SAP AG for the component SAP™ R/3 Enterprise 4.6. The certification of the interface between StarLIMS and SAP confirms the existence of product functionality in accordance with SAP's certification procedure. This certification also meets the SAP requirements for connecting StarLIMS to the platform, making L.I.M.S. one of the new selected LIMS vendors to receive a interface certificate.

StarLIMS interfaces with SAP through the SAP Quality Management Inspection Data Interface. (QM-IDI) which closes the information gap to provide consistent quality information, from the laboratory to company management, across the entire enterprise. QM-IDI is a standard, open interface enabling direct exchange of SAP R/3 QM inspection specifications and externally processed inspection results. SAP R/3 QM and complementary quality inspection systems thus use consistent quality data to ensure more efficient quality planning, inspection, and control. For Additional information on SAP and the QM-IDI see:

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Posted on December 23, 2002