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ceeramTools™ Diagnostic Kits Now Available On-Line

ceeramTools PCR and RT-PCR kits
ceeramTools™ kits allow the molecular detection and quantification of pathogenic microorganisms. The kits are based on real time PCR and RT-PCR (one step) technology. Very easy to use, just add previously extracted and purified nucleic acids into the reagents provided.

You can find out more about ceeramTool kits at the following meetings:

  • IAFP Dublin Symposium
    A speaker from Ceeram will be talking on - 'Prevalence Data Concerning Foodborne Viruses in Europe' there will also be a Ceeram poster presented: 'Prevalence of norovirus and hepatitis A virus in food samples'.

  • Food Factory Conference
    A poster: 'Prevalence of norovirus and hepatitis A virus in food samples' will be presented.

  • IWA Congress
    A poster: 'ceeramTools molecular detection systems for enteric viruses detection in water samples' will be presented.

  • Food Micro 2010

To order online CeeramTools™ kit range: www.ceeramtools.com

Details of reference users are available on request.

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Posted on June 2, 2010