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New Advice Service on Laboratory Monitoring

Sample security is vital in any laboratory working in a regulated environment and relies heavily on equipment selection and implementing an effective laboratory monitoring system. This can be a complex process with impacts on many functions and disciplines. A new consultancy service from IKS International has been created to make that process as straightforward and economical as possible, drawing on the organisation's many years of experience in this field.

Explaining the new service, IKS Managing Director Stephen Tierney said 'Sample security is our core business, and our involvement in so many diverse situations over the years has taught us that while there can be a generic approach to equipment selection or developing a lab monitoring system, each case also needs individual attention, not just to the technical requirements of the lab itself but to the needs of other stakeholders such as the local IT department or financial management. Our experience has given us an in depth appreciation of the needs, priorities and risks that these stakeholders may have, and we can advise on all these aspects and at all levels.

IKS International is, of course, a market-leading supplier of monitoring systems and laboratory equipment, but our aim is not just to sell, it is to provide the guidance and advice needed to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective and technically sound solution in every case. We are happy to integrate with other suppliers' equipment if that is the most appropriate solution. We can identify the critical information that needs to be accumulated prior to purchase, ensure that you are buying what you really need, and that the final solution will integrate fully into your environment. We are launching this as a 'new' service; in reality this has always been our approach but we feel we have developed unrivalled specialist knowledge and a unique skill set that we should put at the service of our market place.'

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Posted on May 17, 2011