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New Flexibility in Laboratory Monitoring

Monitoring the storage and security of precious and vulnerable samples is an essential part of Good Laboratory Practice, often requiring a solution unique to the individual laboratory. IKS International have developed two new communications modules to make their market-leading Xiltrix® monitoring system even more flexible, reliable and easier to install.

The new multifunctional Calypso module provides the central link between the controlling webserver and the monitoring system. Communication with the webserver can be via RS232 or intranet, and connection to the sensor substations can be hardwired or wireless. This optimises flexibility, and allows choices to be made that reduce the risk of communication disruption when very sensitive products are being monitored. A built in watchdog monitors communication with the webserver and provides an independent alarm function in the event of communications failure. Up to 4 alarm relays can be independently activated for different alerts i.e. building management systems, flashlights, sirens or diallers. This is all supported by a rechargeable battery backup that will maintain functionality for up to 24 hours in the event of a power failure.

The Calypso can be interfaced to the well established, hardwired XiltriX® Titan substation and to the brand new Telesto substation, which provides either hardwired or wireless connectivity. The wireless range is up to 100 m, making it possible to locally move equipment around. Telesto supports either two Pt100 or two 4-20 mA monitoring inputs and up to four digital inputs for functions such as door opening or external instrument alarms. A built-in power failure monitor is supplemented by a rechargeable backup battery. The Telesto operates in real time, and is as fast as the hard-wired Titans, so measurements are available on the user's screen instantaneously.

IKS Product Manager Han Weerdesteyn said, 'The expanded XiltriX product family is real value for money and should appeal to every lab that has monitoring needs. With the newly launched real time wireless Calypso and Telesto, the system is even more flexible. The combination of hardwired, networking and wireless communication means there is no monitoring challenge too difficult for XiltriX.'

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Posted on September 28, 2010