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Small, Low Cost Personal Incubators for Laboratory Sample Storage

IVS-1203 Personal Incubators from IKS International are small and low cost, so individual laboratory workers can store their samples at their workplace, under personally selected conditions. These novel incubators are also small enough to be easily accommodated in laminar flow cabinets and other situations where a conventional incubator might be too large.

There are two models, both with a capacity of 9 litres and measuring only 290 x 345 x 370mm. The IVS-1203PS has a temperature range from Ambient + 5oC to 45oC. The cooled version, the IVS-1203P1S is uniquely small for a cooled incubator and has a range from 10oC to 45oC. Forced air circulation ensures even temperature distribution, and digitally set and displayed Peltier-effect heating and cooling give accurate temperature control (± 0.2oC).

These incubators are lightweight (only 4.2 Kg) for ease of handling and are ruggedly constructed, largely from ABS plastic. A height-adjustable polycarbonate sample tray is supplied with each unit.

These units are popular in IVF, medical and pharmaceutical laboratories where traceability and validation are very important, so if required a temperature sensor port gives full access to IKS' Xiltrix® laboratory monitoring, recording and alarm system.

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Posted on July 24, 2009