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Laboratory Monitoring System Ideal for Fridges, Incubators and Freezers

A unique CO2 sensor and a novel approach to user communication via SMS will make the XiltriX® registration, monitoring and alarm system of interest to any laboratory needing to audit the performance of its equipment or the security of stored materials, especially if operating under GLP, GMP or similar norms.

Developed by IKS International, the XiltriX has an established user base of around 65 systems, monitoring as few as 4 separate sensors or as many as 2500. Users include major teaching and general hospitals, IVF clinics, pharmacies, blood banks, the food industry and commercial laboratories.

Monitoring and reporting the status of storage devices such as refrigerators, incubators (including anaerobic) and freezers is a major application area. Parameters like temperature, humidity, door opening, pressure, flow and CO2 levels can all be monitored and recorded from multiple sensors, results logged and reported, and alarms generated if necessary.

The system can monitor the stored product as well as the equipment itself. It can also be used to monitor the efficiency of the storage equipment, e.g. how quickly a freezer or incubator recovers to its set temperature after a door opening event - which can also give advance warning of equipment failure.

XiltriX is available in wired or wireless configurations. Alarm situations are reported via interactive SMS message, conventional audible or visual alarms, or by automated electronic routes like e-mail and telephone. XiltriX can be connected to a building monitoring system. Out-of-hours, authorized users can access the system remotely to investigate alarm situations.

The suppliers offer a complete calibration, validation and auditing service to support each installation, including the IQ and OQ processes, and the equipment is of course fully 21 CFR part 11 compliant.

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Posted on May 13, 2009