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Affordable, Ultra-rapid PCR Instrument for High Sensitivity Molecular Diagnostics

Evogen, Inc., have launched its first molecular diagnostics and detection instrument providing innovative ultra-rapid PCR amplification and analysis. The compact EvoCycler™ HD12 is significantly more affordable than comparable instruments with numerous performance advantages. In conjunction with the highly sensitive and specific HyBeacons® PCR chemistry, recently licensed from LGC, Ltd., Evogen now offers the next evolution in High Definition PCR®.

The EvoCycler HD12 is an innovative instrument that combines ultra-rapid amplification together with detection within a single integrated platform. Designed for clinical, research, environmental and biodefense applications, the EvoCycler HD12 can process 12 samples in 30 minutes. The operator-intuitive instrument software automates key tasks, from selection of the most appropriate primers and thermal cycling conditions through to auto-calling of results.

'The EvoCycler HD12 was developed with careful consideration of the broad range of needs of our customers, ranging from highly skilled molecular biologists to users operating with only limited training and supervision,' said Sean Reineke, Evogen's President and CEO. 'The combination of this remarkable instrument and the proprietary HyBeacon chemistry provides superior performance quickly and easily. Additionally, the EvoCycler HD12 is extremely affordable so that we can deliver personal, intelligent molecular diagnostics into all settings.

Evogen is one of the few companies with both a molecular diagnostic instrument platform as well as chemistry, giving us a unique advantage and ability to develop cost-effective tailored solutions to meet specific customer requirements in a range of target markets. Evogen is now focused on establishing relationships with content providers and market channel providers, allowing us to rapidly expand our menu offerings and enable our partners to have unique competitive advantage.'

Evogen's flagship diagnostic instrument, the EvoCycler HD12, is Evogen's first commercial entry into the molecular diagnostics market and will be followed by instruments with equally high levels of performance and affordability tailored to meet a range of throughput requirements and customer venues. The product line is focused on customer needs for customization and flexibility.

Additionally, Evogen will be offering an expanding menu of HyBeacons-based molecular diagnostics tests for clinical, research, biodefense and environmental applications. Along with chemistry and instruments, future product offerings will include peripherals that will enable the streamlining of the testing process in a variety of complex settings.

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Posted on February 24, 2009