Ecofluidic Pump Ideal for Laboratory Liquid Dispensing including Sterile Media

The Ismatec range of tubing pumps, which offer all the important benefits of peristaltic pumping, has recently been extended with the introduction of their new Ecofluidic pump, available through Michael Smith Engineers. Ecofluidic pumps are designed for low-cost, simple liquid transfer, such as filling canisters and containers and they incorporate some innovative features. For example, a safety switch to ensure the pump only runs when the pump head is closed, a single, multi-function control knob for simple forward and reverse control and an easy-to-use tubing holder for trouble-free operation.

The advantages of peristaltic, or tubing pumps are particularly relevant to liquids transfer applications in laboratories and other similar ¬Ďscientific´ applications. For example, they are ideal for handling sensitive, sterile media as, unlike other types of pump, the liquid is safely contained within the tube, ensuring zero contamination. Also, they are especially suited to low pressure, low flow accurate pumping applications, such as dispensing.

Ecofluidic pumps are compact, durable and versatile, they are made from stainless steel and PPS and deliver flows up to 3.8 lit/min at differential pressures up to 1.5 bar. They have a single channel, 3 pump rollers and a speed range of between 80 and 670rpm.

Ecofluidic pumps are the latest addition to a range of pumps which includes models delivering flows from 0.001 ml/min to 13,000 ml/min along with a choice of 10 different tubing materials to suit numerous laboratory dispensing applications. Multi-channel pump head options are available with up to 24 channels, where each channel can deliver independently, yet simultaneously, various liquids at different flow rates.

The pumps are suitable for dispensing most sensitive and delicate liquids prevalent in many laboratory, pharmaceutical and biotech applications, or wherever reliable, low-cost pumping with optimum sterility is required.

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Posted on May 28, 2008