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Sterilin Supplies Reliable Transport System for MRSA Screening

Sterilin has introduced an e-Swab MRSA kit to collect and transport multiple clinical specimens from patient to clinical laboratory. As well as ensuring safe and easy transportation, the kit ensures preservation of bacterial viability prior to testing. Screening tests are a key part of MRSA infection control measures within hospitals.

Allowing up to three samples per person to be taken in a single, convenient format, the liquid-based transport system comprises three flocked swabs and an e-Swab tube pre-filled with 1ml modified liquid Amies medium. The releasing capacity of the patented flocked swabs facilitates the immediate elution of the collected specimen into the liquid medium through a simple swirling technique developed and validated by Copan.

This sequential sample release technique means three different swabs can be mixed into a unique liquid and processed for MRSA investigation as quickly as possible using bacterial culture and molecular detection techniques. Risk factors for hospital-acquired MRSA infections include surgery, previous antibiotic therapy, admission to intensive care and exposure to MRSA-colonised patients or healthcare workers.

The liquid format is free of enzymes and inhibitors that may interfere with molecular-based assays, also making it suitable for the transportation of a wide variety of samples being tested for aerobic, anaerobic and fastidious bacteria as well as viruses and Chlamydia.

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Posted on June 9, 2009