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Sterilin Supplies New Generation Flocked Swabs

Sterilin Limited demonstrates significantly improved release of buccal cells for DNA extraction and genotyping with the use of innovative nylon flocked swabs.

Sterilin is the exclusive UK distributor of this major advance in swab technology which vastly improves sample collection and release. Developed by MicroRheologics (Copan Group), Italy, utilising an innovative 'flocked' tip, this new generation of swabs are ideal for applications where the sample size is particularly small or where increased sensitivity is required. Sample collection is a critical step in clinical and forensic applications and problems can arise in testing due to the lack of sufficient sample to perform all the required tests.

A recent sample collection test for molecular analysis compared the new nylon flocked swab with the traditional rayon type by analysing the amount of genomic DNA extracted from a buccal cell swab sample. This test demonstrated that the nylon flocked swab releases at least twice the amount of sample matter than is expelled using traditional swabs, providing larger sample volumes and increased analysis reliability. The amount of DNA obtained following extraction was an average of 2.5µg from a nylon flocked swab as opposed to 1 µg from a standard rayon swab.

Sterilin supplies the novel nylon flocked swabs to the clinical field, offering significant advantages over other manufactured swabs. Traditional compacted fibre swabs retain much of the sample trapped in the compressed fibres, limiting subsequent sample analysis and resulting in loss of time and results. Utilising an innovative 'spray on' technology, the short strands of nylon are propelled at high velocity onto the plastic moulded swab tip forming a high-density brush-like pile. The depth of these fibres ensures the sample is held close to the swab-surface enabling a more efficient release of cellular and liquid samples to that previously provided. The nylon matrix has demonstrated a 95% sample release as opposed to only 25% from a standard swab. This enables many more tests to be conducted from a single swab sample. In addition, these revolutionary swabs are certified RNase-free and DNase-free proving ideal for molecular analysis.

The sample collection benefits of the nylon swabs shown in DNA identification can be applied to a wide variety of alternative clinical applications offering more representative, heterogenous sample matter as well as reducing time-consuming and costly re-runs. The range of swabs offered by Sterilin includes standard and transport swabs with different shaped tips which further widen their application base.

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Posted on August 12, 2008