New Centrifuge Tubes Deliver High Quality and Increased Speed Capability

DNase, RNase and human DNA free centrifuge tubes
Extended range also includes DNase, RNase and human DNA free tube options

Sterilin has launched a new, extended range of sterile polypropylene centrifuge tubes that offers increased speed capability of up to 12,000 x g.

The high quality standard range is suitable for a wide range of general laboratory applications and the premium range, which is certified free from DNase/RNase/human DNA and non-pyrogenic to 0.5EU/ml, is ideal for the demanding requirements of molecular biology and clinical laboratories.
The standard range of Sterilin Centrifuge Tubes is manufactured from high clarity polypropylene to ensure excellent transparency and chemical resistance.

Available in 15ml or 50ml volumes, they have clearly printed graduations and a writing panel for ease of use. Both volumes are available with a conical base, which offers a high rcf value of 12,000 x g, but the 50ml standard tube is also available as a self standing, flat-bottomed tube, which offers an rcf value of 6,000 x g. They are supplied in cases of 500 tubes, containing re-sealable inner packs of 25 for convenient and secure storage of unused tubes. Alternatively, the conical based tubes can be supplied in recyclable cardboard racks, which offer excellent upright support and can be recycled with regular paper and cardboard waste.

All Sterilin centrifuge tubes offer leak-free performance and are gamma irradiated to ensure sterility; this partnered with certified assurance of RNase, DNase, human DNA free and of being non - pyrogenic, allows them to be used with confidence for even the most sensitive tests and experiments.

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Posted on November 22, 2010