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Sterilin Pipettes Offer Best Quality Assurance Yet for Endotoxin-Sensitive Applications

Non pyrogenic serological pipettes
The wide range of Serological Pipettes available from Sterilin is now certified non-pyrogenic to 0.01EU/ml - significantly lower than the market standard of 0.25EU/ml. The range has also been validated non-haemolytic in accordance with BS EN ISO 10993-4:2002 Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices.

These valuable assurances allow pharmaceutical and clinical scientists to have confidence in their results.
When pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers perform tests to ensure that their products are free from endotoxins, it is extremely important for them to have confidence in the equipment and materials that they use. Certified non-pyrogenic to a lower level than ever before, Sterilin Serological Pipettes greatly reduce the risk of endotoxin interference in routine laboratory analyses (such as LAL testing) and, therefore, help to ensure the integrity of results.

Similarly, when pipetting blood and blood products, it is important that the polymer used does not have a detrimental effect on the sample. Validated non-haemolytic, Sterilin Serological Pipettes protect samples and provide valuable assurance that they will not interfere with the results of haemolysis tests.

Sterilin Serological Pipettes are manufactured from crystal grade polystyrene to ensure excellent clarity. With crisp black print, ascending and descending graduations, and negative graduations for extra capacity, volumes are extremely easy to read and accurate to +/- 1%. The comprehensive range includes standard pipette sizes (1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50ml) in addition to 'Shortie' pipettes (5 and 10ml), which are ideal for use in laminar flow cabinets. The gamma irradiated pipettes are individually wrapped in paper peel or plastic film to maintain quality during storage.

For further information about Sterilin Serological Pipettes and the full range of high quality disposable plastic products available from Sterilin, please visit the Sterilin website at www.sterilin.co.uk or email rachel.adams@sterilin.co.uk

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Posted on May 4, 2010

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