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Microtitre Plate Incubator Shakes up the Life Science Market

Launching at Analytica, the latest shaking incubator from Stuart® is specially designed for use with microtitre plates to meet the needs of life science labs. Offering the ideal shaking action for mixing very small volumes in well plates or micro tubes, the SI505 also dramatically reduces sample evaporation and features state-of-the-art microprocessor detection, setting and control of temperature.

The SI505 complements Stuart's highly successful SI500 shaking incubator, incorporating the same digital display, retractable stainless steel platform giving easy sample access, and USB connectivity for long-term monitoring of the incubator temperature on a PC. Up to four microtitre plates fit on the non-slip mat and a range of accessory racks for different tube sizes are also available for the SI505. The integrated timer can be set for any period from 1 second to 9 days and speed and temperature are independently controlled. An easy-to-use digital LED control panel enables temperature to be set between ambient temperature +7ºC and 60ºC, while air distribution is controlled to ensure uniformity throughout the sample chamber.

Robert Skehens, Bibby Scientific Marketing Director, commented, 'What sets the SI505 apart in the market is that it has been designed and built specifically as a microtitre plate incubator and shaker. With an orbit of just 1.5mm and high maximum speed of 1,250rpm, the shaking action is optimised for microtitre plates. By contrast, conventional shakers with a larger orbit of around 16mm and very much slower speeds cannot provide effective mixing for small sample volumes in well plates and micro tubes. Another key feature is the strategic placing of stainless steel water trays within the SI505. These maintain a humidity of up to 80% in order to minimise sample evaporation - a key issue when incubating microtitre plates.'

In common with other Stuart® benchtop equipment, the new shaking incubator benefits from BioCote® antimicrobial protection as standard. This silver-based technology reduces the risk of cross-contamination and infection within the laboratory by eliminating surface level bacteria, mould and fungi.

Bibby Scientific will be exhibiting on stand B2.217 at Analytica 2010, 23-26 March in Munich, Germany.

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Posted on March 22, 2010