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New Techne Catalogues an Expanded Product Range

The new Techne catalogue introduces innovative cooling products and the company's extended thermal cycler range. Over 50 full colour pages illustrate Techne's world-leading temperature control and science equipment for the life sciences, research, clinical and general laboratories.

Two significant additions in the new catalogue will solve sample-cooling problems in many labs. The Nº ICE electronic ice bucket contains ceramic-coated beads to support any shape vessels, and the BLºCKICE cools tubes held in two Dri-Block® inserts. Both maintain a set temperature in the range 0 to 40ºC. The Techne family of personal thermal cyclers is joined by the expanded capacity TC-3000X and the TC-3000G, the world's smallest gradient model. Users of standard thermal cyclers will welcome the appearance of the new-look TC-4000 and TC-5000 at highly attractive prices.

According to Chris O'Connor, CEO, Bibby Scientific, 'Building on a long heritage this second Techne catalogue under Bibby branding underlines Techne's continued innovation in temperature control products. In conjunction with the exciting new website at www.techne.com the catalogue displays established equipment alongside significant new ranges of thermal cyclers and cooling products. Customers can request a hard copy of the catalogue or access and search the pages online.'

The Techne range also encompasses temperature controlled water baths, Dri-Block® heaters, cell culture equipment and molecular biology products such as hybridisation incubators.

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Posted on May 27, 2009