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VLA Scientific Introduces Innovative Range of RT-PCR Controls

VLA Scientific has developed several Tuff® RNAs which encode target sequences for a number of RT-PCR assays for animal viruses. These can be used as positive PCR or process controls for diagnostic molecular tests, avoiding the risk of using an infectious virus.

Tuff® RNAs are recombinant Cowpea Mosaic Virus that are stable, transportable at 4oC and can be incorporated into your routine testing schedule as a positive control assuring the correct performance of specific RT-PCR assays. As the target RNA is encapsidated, the problem of RNA degradation associated with naked RNA or in-vitro transcripts is eliminated. The range of Tuff® RNAs currently includes:

  • Influenza A Virus

  • Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus

  • Influenza A virus N1

  • Influenza A virus H5

  • Influenza A virus H7

  • Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Virus

  • Classical Swine Fever Virus
Dr Philip Wakeley, Head of Business Development at VLA Scientific explained: 'The most important benefit of Tuff® RNA is that it is not infectious to animals or plants thus avoiding any potential risk of using infectious viruses as controls. We hope these novel controls will enable laboratories to more easily carry out a range of routine diagnostic investigations.' He added, 'We plan to broaden the range of Tuff® RNA controls to cover an increasing range of viruses in the future.'

Please note that this product is not for sale in Australia and United States.

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Posted on November 8, 2011