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Entry Level Electronic Microplate Sealer

Porvair Sciences reports that its entry level MiniSeal microplate sealer is proving popular with laboratories handling smaller batches of plates and in particular those tasked with sealing deep well plates that require extra pressure.

Designed for convenience the compact MiniSeal just requires plugging into a single electrical outlet to operate. The need to site your thermal sealer near a compressed air source or buying a dedicated compressor is eliminated. Unlike hand-operated manual thermal sealers the MiniSeal uses a pre-set sealing pressure to deliver highly reproducible plate seals time after time. To complement its ease of use and high quality plate sealing the MiniSeal ensures operator safety with its unique twin -button operation.

The MiniSeal offers researchers a reliable and productive sealing tool for maintaining the integrity of their samples while in storage. The versatile device is capable of producing an accurate and tight seal on any standard, deep well or PCR microplate from 3 to 62mm in height. Offering adjustable temperature heat-sealing from 50C up to 200C - MiniSeal is able to operate optimally with most foil and film seals.

Designed for users that do not have a high number of plates to seal, the CE approved MiniSeal is compact and easy to use, simplifying the sealing process and giving the user a reliable seal that they have come to expect from Porvair Sciences.

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Posted on October 26, 2011

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