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MicroVal Certifies GreenLight™ TVC Method for Raw Meat and Poultry

A MicroVal certificate RQA2009LR15 has been issued to Luxcel Biosciences Ltd for their GreenLight™ TVC method for the total viable count in raw meat and poultry.

The validation studies were performed by the MicroVal Expert Laboratory Campden BRI (United Kingdom). The MicroVal Method Reviewers, Dr. Henk Stegeman and Prof. Basil Jarvis, reviewed the validation reports. The MicroVal Certification Body Lloyd's Register QA (The Netherlands) issued the certificate. The certificate will be valid for 4 years. After that period the certificate could be renewed on the request of the manufacturer. MicroVal experts will judge whether the kit and kit insert still comply with the criteria of the EN-ISO 16140 standard of that moment.

Principle of the method
The GreenLight™ TVC method developed by Luxcel Biosciences Ltd. is a method for the detection and enumeration of microbial populations in raw meats. The GreenLight™ assay measures bacterial oxygen consumption and equates this to the microbial load in the sample. As bacteria in the test sample grow and respire, they deplete O2 which is detected as an increase in the GreenLight™ probe signal above a baseline level.

The time required to reach this increase in signal is used to calculate the colony forming units per gram (CFU/g) of the original sample, based on a pre-determined calibration provided with the test.

GreenLight™ can provide results within hours (1-12 hrs depending on bacterial load). This facilitates rapid, easy and sensitive enumeration of bacterial load without the need to conduct multiple sample dilutions and lengthy tedious counts.

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Posted on November 29, 2011