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Microbiology Goes Molecular

Microbiology goes Molecular
The issue of food safety is becoming increasingly important. Traditional methods are often slow and inaccurate in providing results and faster methods are becoming more established for quality and safety control. Applied Biosystems, pioneer in molecular biology technologies, welcomes you to a free workshop that will introduce you to DNA-based detection methods for rapid pathogen testing in food samples.

  • Principles and practical demonstration of DNA-based detection methods
  • Easy, rapid detection using real-time PCR
  • Overview of the different target food pathogens
  • Applications to food sample quality control testing
  • A complete solution for food safety testing

At the end of the course, you will be familiar with the theory and practice of DNA-based detection and have an understanding of its impact in food pathogen testing and positive effect of assuring food safety.

Training Staff
The Applied Biosystems training staff consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience supporting DNA- based detection methods in the food industry.


These one day training courses will feature:
  • Basics of DNA
  • From DNA to PCR
  • PCR in real time
  • Workflow and setup
  • Analyzing real-time data
  • Microbial testing in real time
Lunch will be provided
The workshop is free

Locations and dates:

10 April 2008
Warrington, UK

10 April 2008
Paris, France

15 April 2008
Madrid, Spain

16 April 2008
Darmstadt, Germany

23 April 2008
Monza, Italy

3rd July 2008
Warrington, UK

3rd July 2008
Monza, Italy

Attendance is free but space is limited so reserve your space today!

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Posted on March 8, 2008

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