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Versatile, High Performance Syringe Pump

Tecan Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of OEM liquid handling modules and laboratory automation systems, has announced the launch of its newest and most versatile high performance syringe pump - the Cavro® XLP 6000.

The new pump is designed for precision liquid handling applications in the 5 ul to 25 ml range and is ideal for clinical diagnostics, life science research and analytical applications.

The XLP 6000 is the successor to the popular XL 3000 syringe pump. While maintaining the reliability and performance standards set by the XL, the new pump offers many new features that will allow it to grow with your needs. The new pump offers state of the art electronics, universal valve encoder with flex coupler, flash memory, and 6,000/48,000-step resolution. New features include a self-aligning syringe interface and a Teflon® coated leadscrew with backlash compensation nut that eliminates the need for lubrication.

Tecan system s' cavro® xcalibur, xe 1000 and the new xlp 6000 syringe pumps are ul recognised components. the use of ul recognised components in a product or system allows ul to focus the evaluation of the complete system on its intended end-use, and thus speeds up the evaluation of that product or system.

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Posted on July 13, 2004