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Selectrol Guaranteed First Generation Micro-Organisms

Selectrol QC Organisms

Selectrol is a fully traceable and cost effective range of first generation micro-organisms, which have predictable biochemical reactions. Selectrol discs are derived from international type culture collections that are recognised by accreditation bodies.

Presented as water soluble freeze dried discs, Selectrol can be dissolved in an appropriate broth or inoculated directly onto solid media. The disc readily absorbs moisture from the plate resulting in a spreadable inoculum in a matter of minutes.

Selectrol can be used for a variety of quality control and testing applications:

• Quality control of culture media, staining reactions, biochemical profiling.
• Determination of antibiotic concentrations in blood, serum or CSF samples.
• Antibiotic susceptibility testing controls, whether by disc diffusion or serial dilution.

Our guarantee of first generation cultures is extremely important. By avoiding multiple subculture of the organism we avoid the possibility of mutational changes. Selectrol also removes the need for laboratories to maintain their own cultures, a time consuming and often unreliable exercise.

TCS Biosciences Ltd has its own Selectrol testing laboratory which is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

Accreditation and legislation have become a part of everyday life in microbiology laboratories. In this climate we recognise the importance of offering products and services that complement accredited laboratory procedures to ensure that they can meet the standards.

Most Selectrol strains are available in packs of 10 or 25 discs. The vials are sealed under vacuum and contain self-indicating silica gel to ensure that the discs remain moisture-free. Each organism is guaranteed to be a first generation derivation from an internationally recognised culture collection.

Selectrol QC Organisms

Our range encompasses over 70 strains, including many popular Quality Control strains. All our strains are available from stock.

Please contact us for a copy of our UKAS Certificate, Scope of Accreditation and full product details. Certificates of Analysis containing Test Reports issued by our UKAS accredited testing laboratory are available from our website:

TCS Biosciences specialises in supplying to the food, water, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Posted on June 30, 2006