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TCS Biosciences' outstanding reputation for service and satisfaction has been gained by dedication to our first business principle, quality.

Blood from our donor animals continues to occupy a vital role as a nutritional supplement in microbiological media.

TCS has served domestic and export needs for over 30 years. We are Europe's major supplier of animal blood for microbiological analysis. We care about this position and rigorously apply all measures which contribute to maintaining the highest possible quality of our products and service. The company's outstanding reputation for service and satisfaction has been gained by dedication to our first business principle, quality.

Animal Welfare - Their Health is Our Quality.
Careful selection, free-range conditions, extensive good pasture and stringent veterinary supervision ensure healthy stock. Blood collection from each species is carried out by qualified, trained personnel using aseptic techniques in accordance with the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.

Our 425 hectare farm is divided into a series of sites, each one fully equipped for blood collection. Animals are screened for viruses and other pathogens before admission to donor groups. TCS have pioneered a unique system allowing stress free collection of animal blood.

Consistent Quality.
Our specialised approach to Quality Assurance extends from animal husbandry, through collection to processing and packaging, in accordance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to ensure the consistent quality of our products.

Blood Processing and Packed Cell Volume (PCV) Guarantee.
Sterile blood collection equipment is prepared in our modern processing laboratories, located close to the blood collection sites. All processing is carried out under clean room conditions and as freshness is critical, the production flow is organised to ensure immediate despatch.

A unique feature of the service is our guarantee that the PCV will be between 40% minimum - 50% maximum for Defibrinated Horse Blood, 32% minimum - 52% maximum for Defibrinated Sheep Blood. This provides the customer with a consistent raw material for incorporation into media.

Contract Production and Manufacture.
Contract manufacture provides customers with access to expertise in a particular product or technology, which eliminates the need for costly in-house manufacturing resources and allows our customers to do the job they do best.

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Posted on March 31, 2006