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IDT LabLinker™ - An Online Collaboration & Order Consolidation Tool

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), a world leader in oligonucleotide production, has announced the launch of LabLinker™, an easy to use system for sharing sequence and research information, as well as consolidating orders. This free online application broadens the already expansive set of 'no obligation´ web-based tools offered to all users of IDT's website.

'It was through listening to our customers that we identified the need for LabLinker™' said Aaron R. Warner, Chief Information Officer of IDT. 'Customers were looking not only for a way to easily consolidate their orders, but also to share their sequence information, QC results and communicate the effectiveness of those sequences with one another.'

In addition to the collaborative features available through LabLinker™, customers working together can consolidate their orders to avoid paying shipping fees normally associated with multiple packages. Angie Schmidt, V.P. of Customer and Technical Services said, 'The rising cost of oil has really affected our customers and while we try to keep the cost of shipping down, LabLinker™ provides them an easy way to work together to receive a single package, often for no charge at all.' IDT's LabLinker™ enables small groups of users to consolidate and schedule the placement of their orders to save on shipping charges, through an easy-to-use interface.

Furthermore, users can personalize LabLinker™ to fit the needs of their respective labs or departments, without the need for technical expertise. It can also be set-up to provide automated notifications of order status, ensuring that researchers can be fully prepared to use their oligos as soon as they receive them.

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Posted on February 1, 2008